MGE was retained by the City of Roseville to complete a BPMP project involving 16 bridges that qualify for preventative maintenance under the Bridge Preventative Maintenance Program (BPMP) administered by Caltrans. MGE conducted a site review of all bridges in July 2019. The purpose of this site review was to verify the noted bridge deficiencies contained in the most recent Caltrans Bridge Inspection Records Information System (BIRIS) reports as well as to note any additional deficiencies needing repair. The sixteen bridges included in this project are comprised of cast-in-place, reinforced concrete slab superstructures of varying structure types, lengths and span configurations supported on reinforced concrete pile extensions, precast concrete-post tensioned piles, and driven steel piles, except Bridge No. 19C0211, False Ravine Bridge on East Roseville Parkway which has a combination of spread footings and CIDH concrete piles. Of the sixteen bridges inspected, all will require the decks to be cleaned and treated with methacrylate. Bridge 19C0194 will require some hinge reconstruction and Type B joint seal replacement. Bridge 19C0211 will require seal replacement at the joints. Other observations include erosion of slope embankments, approach roadway deterioration, miscellaneous spalling and delamination, undermined abutment foundations, and a soffit vent with water leaking at Bridge 19C0211. Overall, the deficiencies noted in the BIRIS reports were confirmed.