About MGE

MGE Engineering, Inc. (MGE), founded in 1990, provides civil and structural engineering services for the planning, design, construction, maintenance, and rehabilitation of transportation infrastructure, flood control and water resource infrastructure, and other civil works projects. MGE has successfully provided these engineering services to Cities, Counties, Caltrans, transportation and flood control agencies, US Army Corps of Engineers, and the USDA Forest Service. MGE employs a staff of full-time engineers, technicians, construction managers, and administrative personnel positioned within the firm’s offices. MGE is headquartered in Sacramento, California, with branch offices located in Oakland and Los Angeles.

MGE takes pride in being a responsive and flexible organization. A proactive project management approach results in projects that are delivered on schedule and within budget. Over the years, MGE has earned an outstanding reputation for developing innovative designs to solve complex project issues, and has received awards and a number of letters of commendation attesting to the firm’s ability to produce solutions to difficult tasks in a cost-effective and timely manner. This recognition has afforded MGE the ability to maintain long-term relationships with clients.

Transportation Infrastructure

• Roadway Design – New, Rehabilitation, Widening, & Slide Repair
• Bridge Design – New, Rehabilitation, Widening, Seismic Retrofitting
• Pedestrian & Trail Bridge Design
• Bridge Condition Inspection & Emergency Repair Design
• Bridge Load Rating
• Tunnels
• Light & Heavy Rail Structures
• Depressed “Boat” Structures
• Soundwalls & Retaining Walls
• Transit Stations
• Park & Ride Facilities
• Programming & Funding Assistance
• Construction Management & Inspection
• Maintenance and Inspection Facilities

Flood Control & Water Resource Infrastructure

• Conduits & Culverts
• Outlet Works Structures
• Flood Walls
• Flood Control Channels
• Closure Structures
• Levee Design, Rehabilitation & Inspection
• Pump Station Design & Rehabilitation
• Design & Rehabilitation of Dam Facilities
• Natural Channel Restoration & Habitat Enhancement
• Bio-Technical Treatments for Bed & Bank Protection
• Emergency Flood Damage Repair & Stabilization

Other Civil Works Services

• Storm Drainage Design
• Parking Lot Design
• Recreational Center Design & Rehabilitation
• Trail Design
• Pavement Condition Assessment & Management System