MGE prepared the Type Selection Report and completed the final design and PS&E for the replacement of two trail bridges located on the Caribou Trail near the PG&E Caribou Power House within the Plumas National Forest.  Both trail bridges provide access over the North Fork of the Feather River.  The existing bridges which consisted of single-span, timber deck cable structures, were replaced with single-span steel truss bridges with timber decking.  Both bridges were prefabricated in two sections to facilitate transportation to the site via helicopter as a result of access limitations.  A temporary support tower was utilized in the river to provide temporary support while the two bridge sections were spliced together to complete the installation.

Client: USDA Forest Service

Key Facts:

  • No vehicle access to the site
  • Sikorsky Skycrane Helicopter used to place bridge sections

Project Manager/Bridge Project Engineer:  Bob Sennett