Under an IDIQ contract with the US Army Corps of Engineers Sacramento District, MGE completed a preliminary evaluation of the existing gantry crane on the dam to identify modifications needed to retrofit the crane with a 55-ton auxiliary hoist to lift the new proposed inspection bulkheads. The findings were incorporated into a Technical Memorandum Report. Subsequently, MGE completed the plans, specifications, and cost estimating for modifications to the existing gantry crane to accommodate the new auxiliary hoist. This task also included an extension of the crane rails on the bridge deck.
MGE was also tasked to determine the weight of the existing gantry crane as the actual weight of the crane was required to validate the adequacy of bridge girder modifications and to verify that adequate overturning resistance would be provided to ensure stability with the new variable hoist system. MGE worked with a heavy lifting contractor using a hydraulic jacking system and load cells to determine the weight, and center of gravity of the existing crane.
Key Staff:
Project Manager: Bob Sennett
Structures Lead: Mark Salmon

Sacramento District US Army Corps of Engineers