This emergency repair project was initiated following storm damage to this local roadway connecting State Route 1 with Jalama Beach State Park. After initial road damage in 1997, the County initiated repairs to an approximate 800 foot section of roadway crossing a seasonal drainage utilizing H-Piles driven along both shoulders and tied across the road section with cables, storm water control, slope damage repair and pavement overlay. Fill slopes up to 35 feet deep with steep embankment slopes and highly erodible soils made this a difficult site.

Storm damage continued in 2005 when the County obtained FHWA funding for repair. MGE prepared several repair scenarios with cost estimates for consideration by the County. After selection of the preferred repair scenario, MGE prepared PS&E and provided design support during construction for this project.

Repair work included embankment stabilization with injection grouting of the failed embankment, bore and jack for culvert replacement, excavation and soil shear key construction followed by slope reconstruction, surficial and sub-surface drainage systems, profile and superelevation correction, pavement reconstruction, inlet and outlet structures with energy dissipation, bio-engineered creek restoration, and erosion and sediment control planting and seeding.

Client: Santa Barbara County Public Works Department

Key Facts:

  • Grading and slope reconstruction to generate 25,000 cubic yards of material for failed slope reconstruction
  • Design accommodated additional storm damage between Notice To Proceed and Construction Contract Award
  • Design allowed a minimum of one-lane of traffic throughout construction utilizing automated traffic control
  • Profile correction minimized Right-of-Way acquisition
  • PS&E and Construction delivered on-time and on-budget

Key Staff:  Jeff Crovitz, Wes Sennett, Brad Reichel