As part of a design build team, MGE provided engineering services for an Aquatic Organism Passage (AOP) Project within the Plumas National Forest.  The scope of work for this project included design of: five AOP road/stream crossings that involved replacement of three existing crossing structures, and channel improvements without structure replacement at two additional sites.

Typical tasks included: surveying, setting benchmarks, clearing brush and small trees, collecting topographic data, data reduction, contour map development, geomorphic reconnaissance and assessment, discharge measurements, hydrologic and hydraulic assessment, general geotechnical research and recommendations with field verification of design assumptions, data reduction and calculations, design narrative report, design, site layout, producing drawings, and construction of the approved designs.  Engineering design and construction documents were prepared in accordance with the Stream Simulation guidelines and professional practice.  Design was prepared in coordination and review with the USFS watershed engineer.

Key Staff:

Project Manager: Jeff Crovitz

Structures Lead: Bob Sennett

Civil Lead: Jeff Crovitz



USDA Plumas National Forest