Planning, scoping, grant assistance, property acquisition, PS&E and Construction Support Services for the development of recreational facilities including:

  • Downieville Interpretative Center:  building with public restroom, river access, public mountain bike repair facility and picnic area.  Construction completed in 2002
  • Sierra City Visitor’s Center:  visitor’s center building with public restroom, picnic area, on-site sewage disposal and site improvements.  Phase 1 completed in 2004.  Phase 2 completed in 2009
  • Downieville Trailhead:  Joint County and USFS facility including public restroom and trailhead. Completed in 2005
  • Loganville Interpretative Center:  Joint County and USFS facility public restroom with on-site disposal system, picnic, parking and interpretive facility completed in 2006.
  • Calpine Park and Visitor’s Center: Planning, design, PS&E and Support Services during construction for construction of a restroom facility with on-site waste disposal system, drainage improvements, new basketball court, tennis court rehabilitation, parking lot improvements and pedestrian access and linkage throughout the park site. 2009
  • Sierraville School: Conversion of elementary school facility into community center including ADA restrooms, soccer field, shade/stage/picnic structure, basketball and tennis court rehabilitation and entry/parking lot improvements completed 2011
  • Smith Neck Creek Park: Restroom rehabilitation, ADA parking improvements, walking paths and entry improvement and design and construction of a 40’ x 80’ shade structure completed in 2011
  • Lyons Park Master Plan: Master planning for river park improvements and historic theater site planning for access, recreational use and facility improvements 2012